Kindergarten and Middle School

Back to School!

Today I hurry off to school,

To work and learn and play.

I’m in a brand new grade this year.

What a happy day!


The girls woke up bright and early, ready for their first day back to school. Lauren is now a middle schooler and Hope is a kindergartner!

For the first day of middle school, the kids wear jeans and their middle school t-shirt. Next weeks starts uniforms and the girls will match. ūüôā

Goodness gracious.

Hope is beyond excited to go to the same school as Lauren! They are on the same campus, different sections so they will only see each on the bus, but still! What an exciting day!

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San Diego Harbor Cruise

Our 17th anniversary was Saturday so last night Dave and I went on a harbor dinner cruise. It was beautiful. And quiet. The dinner was yummy (salmon). The DJ played fun music (everything from Michael Jackson to Tim McGraw). We talked about what is going well. And what we need to change. We remembered why we love where we live. And raising our kids here.

Hello San Diego!

Yay, a picture together!

Happy Anniversary to Dave who I’m so thankful to have by my side. By the grace of God we¬†made it through the valley of the shadow of death and came out stronger. I love you.

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Nine years ago a baby was born in a tiny village in Guatemala. Every year on this day I think about Carmen’s¬†young mom and wonder what all she went through to have this baby,¬†only to¬†hand her to someone else. I also think about the fact that she doesn’t know yet. So, on this birthday, we will start the process of finding Carmen’s biological parents to tell them the story.

I know some families who adopted from Guatemala still read our blog. If any of you have a recommendation for a good searcher, please email us! Thanks.

Happy birthday in Heaven, Carmen.

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At the Pool

Our new rental house¬†(sometime when I have a few minutes, I’ll go back and fill in the last 6 months and how we ended up here) includes a¬†great community pool so the girls are enjoying time in the water.

The girls are having a lot of fun this summer: traveling, surfing, swimming, jr. lifeguard training, ice skating, sleep away camp, dance, art, etc. It’s been a good summer so far and we’ll all be sad to see it end in less than a month.

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I was puttering around the kitchen, glanced out the window and saw a tiny bird sitting in the neighbor’s tree. I watched him for a few moments, ran to find the camera, changed the lens, ran back and he was still sitting there. I crept outside, zoomed in and took a few pictures. This little bird definitely wanted his picture taken based on how long he waited and how still he sat!

Is he (or she) some sort of hummingbird?

Super cropped close-up

The first quick picture I took…incorrectly exposed but turned out kind of interesting.

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