Lauren’s Christmas Recital Pictures

I have so many things to blog about but life is in fast-forward mode right now! It’s all good stuff. I’ll get to it…promise!

Lauren had her first voice recital on Sunday and sang in German. Her solo was “The Virgin’s Slumber Song”. Dave took her and I stayed home with Hope because Hope spiked a fever a few hours before the recital. Lauren’s voice teacher recorded the event and I can’t wait to see/hear it!

The recital was held at a beautiful country club so I asked Dave to take the camera and get some good shots of Lauren. He did. ūüôā

So grown up.

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Mom, please take a picture of me!

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Happy Birthday Dave!

Happy birthday to a wonderful¬†man who I am truly blessed to call my husband. Thank you for¬†so consistently showing our girls how to love and serve. I am so very, very thankful that my dorm room washing machine broke on a cool October 15th morning exactly 21 years ago and that you needed to do laundry in the guys’ laundromat that day too.

Happy birthday Dave.

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Spirit Magazine for the Win

Yesterday the girls’ school’s Spirit magazine arrived in the mail. An American Girl catalogue also arrived. We had a few minutes between bath and bedtime so I gave the American Girl catalogue to Hope to look at while I perused the Spirit magazine. Hope asked what I was looking at and when I told her, she asked to trade. For the next half hour she scrutinized each and every page, looking for people she knows.

“Look! It’s Big Eagle!” (Apparently the security guy is named Big Eagle?) “It’s Mrs. Austin!!! She’s my P.E. teacher!” “Mom, I know her! It’s Keegan’s mom.” “I SEE MY TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!” And then when she saw her sister, “Lauren! It’s Lauren!!!”

Hope got up early so she could look at the magazine again, took it in the car on the way to the bus stop and asked me to leave it in the car so she can look at it on the way home from school. I promise we have toys in this house. But apparently toys aren’t nearly as entertaining.

Lauren, playing the French Horn.

Hope’s teacher…her most favorite person this year.

I spy Lauren..

Lauren is away at 6th grade camp this week so we are a family of 3. Hope is definitely relishing the one-on-one time with mom and dad. Although she did say she wishes Lauren was home to play with her. Lauren doesn’t fall asleep playing Barbies like mom does. ūüôā

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Dress Up Days at School

The girls’ school occasionally has dress up days. These are very exciting days as every other day involves a red, white, navy or light blue polo shirt and a plaid or navy skirt. Hope can also¬†wear plaid jumpers which are the cutest things ever.

Kindergarten recently celebrated Johnny Appleseed day and the suggested attire was cowboy/girl. We had everything Hope needed in her closet and dress up box so she was good to go!

This week was middle school spirit week and the dress up days included Pajama, Inside Out, Duck Dynasty, Sports, and Tacky Tourist Day. We definitely did not have costume pieces for all of these days so Lauren and I hit a whole bunch of thrift stores in the area.

It was quite the¬†scavenger hunt. At one point Lauren said, “Mom, really, I can just wear my uniform! We don’t have to keep looking.” OH NO, WE WILL FIND WHAT YOU NEED!!!! We did…10 thrift stores later.

And it was worth the hunt cause isn’t she cute?! An adorable Duck Dynasty girl.

Tomorrow is Tacky Tourist Day. One Hard Rock Cafe San Diego shirt, floppy hat and travel purse coming up. (Quite shockingly we didn’t see a single fanny pack in any of the thrift stores. Too bad I donated my purple one¬†many years ago!)

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