Sweet Sister

Lauren and Hope, just playing around in the back yard.

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Night Night!

Some times it’s hard to make it through lunch.

Nap time!

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Walk to School

Last week, Lana shared a few pictures of The Big, Bad Hill they go down and up on their daily walk to and from school. Here is a slightly different take on the walk.

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Random Stuff for Saturday

I unpacked the camera yesterday and realized how much I have missed taking pictures for the past few weeks. I totally enjoy documenting our lives.

Considering the state of our half-unpacked/half-still-packed house, I have just a few pictures to share today.

This is our little yard. The best part of this yard? Dave doesn’t have to do a thing to it! Our rent includes a weekly gardener. Neither one of us like yard work at all so this is positively wonderful! 🙂

After just two weeks in California, Hope’s hair is getting blonder!

Since we sold or gave away almost all of our furniture before we left Maryland, we have been on a Craigslist and thrift store hunt for new (to us) pieces. Dave picked up a leather sofa off Craigslist and we love it! Lauren wanted a picture with her American Girl slippers that we found at a consignment shop for $3.

Dave has always said that once I get something into my head, nothing stops me. He has also remarked that over the past few years, I sort of lost my way. But, I’m finding my way back. In my former life, I would tackle a chore/job and keep going until I finished. This week’s chore has been the tile grout.

Before you think I am crazy, let me explain. I love to walk around barefoot or in little white socks. I do not like having dirty feet. So, our floors have to be clean.

I had a bit of an embarrassing moment a few weeks ago. Our carpets really needed cleaning so I contacted some carpet cleaning services and got an appointment. When he arrived, he started cleaning the carpets then noticed something about our tiles. I thought the tile floor was clean until the carpet cleaning guy came over and pointed out the dirty grout. Now, he probably pointed that out because he also cleans and seals grout. For $2 per square foot. Considering that we have about 500 tiles, I decided to clean it myself. Mr. Carpet Cleaner had no idea what he started!

I googled cleaning tile grout and found a couple of good ways to clean: Magic Eraser and Oxiclean. I MUCH prefer the Magic Eraser method because it is so easy and less messy. For the hall and edges, it worked beautifully. Lauren and I put on gloves and scrubbed away. The kitchen tiles were much dirtier and required Oxiclean. I sprinkled Oxiclean on the grout, placed sopping wet towels on top, and let it sit for a couple of hours. After letting the Oxiclean work its magic, I removed the towels and used a stiff scrubby brush to remove all the stuck-on dirt. Then, I mopped up all the mess. Ahhhhhhhh, clean! From now on, I’ll be keeping the best steam mop for tiles on hand to prevent this grout from building up again and achieving my perfection of sparkling clean floors!

You can see the difference here. The back half is clean. The front half looks like McDonald’s tile floors! That’s the only problem with trying to clean your tiles yourself. It can take a long time. That’s why one of my friends recommended that I look into hiring a company offering services such as tile cleaning melbourne area, or somewhere closer to where we live. Perhaps I’ll have to consider contacting a company to do the job for me next time the tiles start collecting dirt again. It would save me a lot of time!

That’s all for now. I’ve got to get ready for the day. We are still having all kinds of fun here and enjoying beautiful San Diego!

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A Lunch and Recess With First Graders

Yesterday I went to Lauren’s school for lunch and recess.

Every time I’ve eaten lunch at Lauren’s school, I get a kick out of my “celebrity status”. If you are ever feeling less than the best, just go eat lunch with your elementary-aged kid and suddenly you will be right up there with Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber.

“Hi Mrs. Coddington! Hi Mrs. Coddington! Hi Lauren’s mom! Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!!!!!!!!”

I took a look at the lunches at Lauren’s table. You know, just to see what other parents send in. Sandwiches, grapes, crackers, etc. One first grader was eating the cafeteria offering for the day.  I was concerned as to why the mashed potatoes looked a little green. Who knew that broccoli can be mistaken for mashed potatoes? I now understand why Lauren does NOT NOT NOT like school lunches!

The little boy sitting across from me at the lunch table had lots of questions.

Little Boy: Who are you?

Me: I’m Lauren’s mom.

Little Boy: Why are you here?

Me: I’m here to eat lunch with Lauren.

Little Boy: What job are you going to next?

Me: I don’t work. I stay home with my baby. (Why oh why did I say that? Moms work hard!)

Little Boy: Bummer.

A few minutes later Little Boy started smashing Goldfish and Oreos on his head.

The two girls (including Lauren) at the table just rolled their eyes.

Then Cracker Crushing Boy said my legs were swords.

Another little boy saw my purse and asked if he could play a game on my phone. 1) How did he know my phone was in my purse? 2) How did he know my phone has games on it? I said no. He then gave me a big hug. A hug that wouldn’t stop. I pried him off and decided right then and there that elementary school teachers are angels.

We finished lunch and went to recess. It was 102 degrees outside. A few kids played basketball. Lauren and her best buddy Maya ran around. Most of the kids sat in the shade. I sat with the kids in the shade. I think it might have been 101 degrees in the shade!

To summarize:

One insult from a cracker/cookie crushing first grade boy. (Or two if you count the legs = swords comment.)

One extra long squeeze that wouldn’t stop from another first grade boy.

One VERY hot recess that resulted in the need for Shower #2 for the day. (Didn’t get Shower #2 but needed it.)

One little girl who was very happy and excited to have her mom visiting. Priceless. 🙂

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