When Spring Turns to Winter in an Instant

There are moments in life, when it seems as though nothing could possibly get any better. You get accepted to that school. You land the job. You walk down the aisle. Your child is born and he’s healthy. You hit the game-winning home run. Things are clicking with your wife and family. Your daughter runs over to you, sits in your lap and says, “I love you Daddy!” God feels like He’s sitting right next to you.

And then…

You receive that diagnosis. He tells you that he’s leaving. You find out there’s another man. Your kid goes off the deep end. Your friend is in a terrible accident. A fire burns down your house. You lose a loved one way before their time.

You feel the pain of life in the deepest parts of your soul. And it aches. Man does it ache.

Today is one of those days. Everything was going great until I heard the news through the telephone.


To head off any melodrama, it’s not me. It’s not anyone in my family or extended family. It’s someone who I consider to be a good friend. And that’s all I’ll say because it’s not my news to share.

Moments like these remind me that life is incredibly fragile and short. Whether you have cancer or not.

In these moments, I must remind myself that He is still God. He is still in control. He is still faithful. He still loves me. And He still loves you. With or without your cancer.

There might be a long Winter ahead. But as long as there is life, there is hope. And in Him, there is life.

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Guys, Guns, Jeeps and Snakes

While Lana was busy over the weekend preparing for Kids’ Camp through our church, I drove into the desert to camp with some friends. This video probably won’t appeal to the mostly-female audience here but please know that we husbands are super-grateful when you hold down the fort at home and encourage us to hang out with other men and do stuff like…

Thanks Lana! Now. About that Jeep… 😉

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Every Decision Has a Consequence

You decide to get up in the morning…or stay in bed.
You decide to go to work…or call in sick.
You decide to be rude to the person who cut you off in traffic.
You decide to spend time with your spouse and children…or go out with the guys/gals.
You decide to buy a Volvo.
You decide to move to California…or stay where you are.
You decide that marriage is too tough.
You decide to give it your best…or give it just enough.
You decide to ignore your physical health for decades.
You decide to seek humility as a way of life…or assume you are better than everyone else.
You decide that Jesus was more than just a good man, a teacher and a prophet.
You decide to eat Wheaties for breakfast.
You decide to jump in anyway.
You decide to get help.
You decide to become an airplane pilot…

Good. Bad. Important. Seemingly insignificant. Every single decision you make has a consequence. Sometimes, many consequences.

Be careful, then, how you live. Make wise choices!

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Lana, the Meanie!

“Dave, come here!” she said, laughing from the other room.

I walked into the bedroom, where Lana lay on the bed in front of the laptop. “What?”


“Holy smokes!”

That lower, left corner is feeling really nice at the moment!

Of course, it looks like a cool front is passing through Texas as well. It’s only 99 in Dallas!

In all seriousness, we hope you’re doing OK during this crazy heat wave.

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