First Day of School

Goodness! I haven't blogged since April. Lots to blog about but I'll start with yesterday, the first day back to school for the girls. Lauren is in 7th and Hope is in 1st. Here's to [...]

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Thoughts on Hosting…Afterwards

Having Sweet Tea in our home was a powerful experience. It was amazing, emotional and exhausting. The first few weeks after she went back home were hard. We all cried a lot. We slept a [...]

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And Then We Said Goodbye

Somehow the month Sweet Tea stayed with us flew by. A few days before her flight home, I helped her pack her bags. The hosting agency told us to pack ahead of time for two [...]

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Happy Birthday Sweet Tea!

Sweet Tea had a birthday while she was with us. A few days before her birthday we told Sweet Tea that we knew her birthday was coming up so we would bake her favorite cake. But, what was [...]

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Sweet Tea and the Beach

We live 4 miles from the beach so Sweet Tea got to see the Pacific Ocean a number of times. She laughed out loud the first time she saw a guy body boarding. I asked if [...]

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Giving and Receiving

I've got a few more Sweet Tea posts and then I'll end this series. It has taken me so long to share each post because there is so much emotion surrounding Sweet Tea's visit. After Sweet [...]

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