Hope had a GREAT first couple of days of kindergarten. She was very excited to be on the same campus as Lauren and to wear a uniform. She can’t wait until next week when she gets to ride the bus and she can’t wait to learn to read.

Hope likes everything about school and especially the Tinker Toys in Mrs. Kim’s classroom.

Yesterday I walked her into the classroom to take first-day-of-school pictures and to make sure she was all settled before I left. Today I couldn’t find a parking spot so I just drove through the drop off line. That was the weirdest thing…dropping my baby off, watching her walk to the playground and then just driving off. I know she’s fully capable and confident but gosh!

Reminds me of Lauren’s first day of kindergarten in Maryland. She rode the bus that first day next to her best little friend, Maya. I asked the other moms at the bus stop if I should follow in my car to make sure she found her class OK. The seasoned moms laughed and said not to worry, teachers would be standing right there to lead the way. They were right. 🙂

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