Yesterday we drove down to San Diego for the Math Olympics. 309 students from 15 area schools competed.

Here is our Math Olympian!

First place in Computation for 4th grade. Yep, we are proud.

Totally cool…Lauren’s friend from her school came in 2nd in Computation for 4th grade. Way to represent your school girls!


I feel so many emotions when I look at Lauren’s picture. I’m so proud of her for doing her best. I cried when she won not only because she won but because she was beaming. And it made me so happy that she was happy. I’m so grateful that God gave her a sharp mind. I love that she works so hard and uses her natural gifts. Lauren’s teacher recently told us that he can’t wait to see what she does because she has so much potential. He said it is a joy to watch her learn and grow. I feel the same. I can’t wait to see what Lauren does with her life. I hope and pray that she sees God’s great big plan for her life and follows it with wild abandon. Thanking God today for this girl.

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