I often post funny things that Hope says and does on Facebook. Dave occasionally reminds me that we never knew when Facebook will *poof* delete, disappear, or suddenly lock down all of our pages so I should mostly post on the blog. He is most definitely right so here’s a recent Hope funny:

At Legoland earlier this week…

Hope and I were sitting on a bench waiting for Lauren to ride a roller coaster. A family with a little baby was sitting on a bench near us. Hope loves babies and asked if she could go say hi to the baby. I said yes but reminded her not to touch the baby.

She walked right up to this family. She stuck both hands in her mouth, pulled on the sides of her mouth and stuck her tongue out at the dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He said, “Wow, that’s a great scary face!” And I hollered, “Hope Elizabeth, come back here right now!!!!”

I go from dying laughing to horrified back to dying laughing about a hundred times per day with this child. She must get this behavior from her dad. Surely.

Hope making a funny face

P.S. I asked Hope where she learned to make her funny face. She promptly said, “Dylan!” Apparently Dylan at preschool is teaching Hope funny faces and she thinks they are GREAT! 🙂