Oh, how cute. How old is she?
Six. So is she in first grade?
Who is her teacher? Does she have so-and-so?
What’s her favorite subject?
Are you taking her to the <fill in applicable event name here>?
Do you want to get together for a play date with her and my daughter?
Oh my goodness! She doesn’t look like you. Is she adopted?
So how does she get along with her older and younger sister?

She would be seven this summer…but she’s not.
She would be in first grade…
Who knows what her favorite subject would be or if she would like school at all.
Taking her to that great event? Nope.
Play date? Not gonna happen.
Questions about her adoption? Only rarely from those who knew.
Getting along with her sisters? Someday…

There are so many questions that I would love to answer about her and would love for her to answer herself…

"Carmen" by Sarah Mattingly

“Carmen” by Sarah Mattingly