…only, it wasn’t so itsy or bitsy!

This afternoon, I decided to clean the garage. I rearranged, threw out the various bits of trash that somehow end up strewn about, and pulled out the vacuum. We have an old upright that no longer works on carpet but does a decent job on the garage floor.

All was good until I reached down to move Dave’s old running sneakers so that I could vacuum around the garbage containers. I almost had a heart attack right then and there. Sitting on top of Dave’s shoe was a gigantic, hideous, hairy spider.

I opened the garage door while keeping one eye on that ugly thing and yelled for Lauren to go find daddy and tell him to come here right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren ran upstairs and Dave ran down. I must have been convincing that now was not the time to dawdle.


For your viewing pleasure….

(For reference this is a walking stick, not a twig.)

Not too bad? Here’s the bad boy zoomed in. Tarantula????

Wes, Karen and kids came over to join in on the excitement. Dave and Wes caught the thing in a bag and sent it to Spider Heaven.

And now I am going to bed and checking under the covers. ‘Night!