[This post is the LAST post in this blog series to get to know each other better. Not that we don’t want to get to know you better…we do. But, we are running out of ideas of things to ask and have decided to end this series. We’ll keep asking questions here and there. Just not in a formal every week on a particular day way. Thanks for all of your participation over the past couple of years!]


A recent poll found that California is the least popular state in the United States.

Rubbish! I’m calling jealousy. 🙂

We’ve only been here 7 months but we LOVE California. The sunshine, the perfect 72 degree plus or minus 10 degrees weather, the laid back atmosphere, the friendly folks, the year-round fruits/veggies, the access to the beaches and the mountains, etc.

Obviously California has a reputation among non-Californians (land of the fruits and nuts?).

Today’s More About You Monday question is: When you think “California” what do you think? (Say whatever you must…we will not be offended!)