Lauren is learning to knit (her babysitter knits and gave knitting needles to Lauren…is that what they are called? Knitting needles?). She is also taking an art class focusing on drawing animals and nature. Dave is learning how to make videos for church. I’m learning how to refinish wooden furniture. The wooden trunk I am working on is my first and will be my last refinishing project! I’m also learning to cook various green vegetables. This week’s new vegetable is broccolini. Maybe I should expand on my ‘learning to cook’ adventure just a bit and go for an actual dish, it sounds silly to say but it can be quite nerve-wracking trying something new, having no idea if anyone will like it or even if you’ve read the ingredients/instructions wrong. Maybe I should look into taking a class or something along those lines? I’ll do a quick search of cooking classes near me and see what comes up, maybe I’ll take along the husband or a friend for some emotional and physical support, I do not want to be setting myself on fire and rolling around without someone to put me out or to take pictures and laugh! Yeah, I think I will check out some cooking classes, I could learn something new and exciting, feed the people I love and hopefully find my signature dish that people recommend every time they come around. I think that I have talked myself into going and seeing what it’s all about!

Broccolini, aka baby broccoli. Yes, it is this green!

Today’s More About You Monday question is: Are you learning anything new?