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Yesterday we got home from church and lunch and dove right into our beds for long naps. Lauren took a two hour nap. Dave, Hope and I slept from 12:30 to 4:30pm. It was blissful.

I don’t normally remember dreams but I had a really vivid one. It went something like this:

Lauren suddenly became a huge St. Louis Cardinals (sorry Uncle Steve) and Mark McGuire fan. She started praying that Mark would accept Jesus as his Savior. We decided to fly to Hawaii for a Cardinals game and while on the flight, Lauren saw on the news that Mark had indeed become a Christian. She was so excited! Apparently he had gone to a Billy Graham type crusade at a swimming pool where the Gaithers were singing and someone was doing cartwheels. That did it for him and he marched right up and accepted Jesus! All of a sudden we weren’t on the flight anymore but driving around the desert in California. Hope needed a nap so we stopped at a Bed & Breakfast that looked like something straight out of New England (big Victorian house). Dave and Hope laid down for a nap and Lauren wanted to read out on the big wrap-around porch. I decided to keep driving around. (That right there would never happen as I get lost. A lot.) I drove up a mountain and found snow all over. The car was slippin’ and slidin’ back down the mountain but I finally made it back to the B&B. That’s when we realized that we hadn’t checked into a room. Dave and Hope had just marched right in and taken a nap in an empty bedroom. So, we found the owner and paid and went on our merry way. Then I was reading a journal written by a farmer from back east who had traveled by covered wagon in the 1800s all the way to California. He kept talking about stopping in the desert and building a home because they were so tired of traveling and I was thinking, “NO, NO, keep going!!! You are almost to the coast. You can do it! You’ve got to get to the coast. Get a big plot of land on the coast and your descendants will be sooooooooo rich!”

Right then Lauren tapped me on the shoulder, jolting me right out of my most wondrous dream.

Today’s More About You Monday question is: Do you remember dreams? Any funny, strange, scary, etc. dreams you want to share?