Was it yesterday when we met each other? Was it only a day ago when we were strolling around the loop at LeTourneau, chatting merrily as we became friends on those balmy, Texas nights? Surely it was just yesterday when you looked at me and said, “I guess so,” when I asked you to be my girlfriend. It had to be only yesterday when we drove to Florida and back for our Honeymoon. We enjoyed that amazing hangar steak at CC Whittaker in St Louis just yesterday, right? It had to be yesterday when we pranced around Rome looking for that one place that had the insanely great gelato. Wasn’t it? Was it yesterday when we drove to the hospital through a blizzard and returned home a few days later with our beautiful Lauren? Wasn’t it yesterday when we landed in Guatemala and gazed at our princess, Carmen, for the very first time? Or when we found out that she was going to die much too soon? Was it yesterday when Hope bounced into our lives? Or when we said goodnight to Carmen for the last time on earth? Was it yesterday when we moved from MD to CA?

Where did the time go and how did it pass so quickly?

Wherever it’s gone, I am so thankful that I’ve spent the past 17 years with you. We’ve had our ups. We’ve had our downs. We’ve gone through great times and, well, pretty horrible times too. We’ve thrived and struggled.

You’ve always been there.

We love you, Mom!

Your girls are so fortunate to have you as their mom. And I’m so lucky to have you as my wife.

I pray for a great many more yesterdays with you by my side!

With all my love,



For this week’s “More About You Monday” question, will you please wish Lana a very Happy 36th Birthday?