We’ve been California residents for over three months now. There are sooooooo many things we love about California.

One thing that makes me positively giddy is that fruit still tastes fantastic and it’s November! If I recall correctly, for the past 10 years, we’ve eaten bananas, oranges and apples in the fall and that’s about it for fruit. Well, maybe canned mandarin oranges. And craisins.

Fruit is cheap here too.

I shop for produce at Sprouts almost 100% of the time. The produce is great and super cheap but I do have to go somewhere else to buy things like cereal and salad dressing. Sprouts has cereal and salad dressing but they are rather expensive.

It’s worth it to me to make two grocery store trips to get fantastic fruits and veggies for super cheap.

Like pineapples for 88 cents each and grapes for 77 cents per pound!

Grilled pineapple, basted with Drew's Orange Sesame Dressing

Bunches of Grapes

Dave keeps suggesting I take a food photography online tutorial. I guess he thinks if food pictures are going to keep showing up on our blog, they might as well be good pictures. Ha! I’ll let you know what I learn. 🙂