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Dave and I have lived in four apartments, three townhouses, one condo and a single family house. The view from our first apartment was the parking lot. Second and third apartment also had a parking lot view. Fourth apartment was on the fourth floor so our view was of everyone else! First townhouse had a view of my wonderful friend Christina’s house (she and her husband lived behind us) and a row of townhouses in front of us. The condo had a view of a really, really busy road. Second townhouse had a busy street in front and a row of townhouses behind. Third townhouse had a parking lot in front and trees behind (finally, some nature!).

So, that brings us to this house. Here’s the view from our bedroom.

The View

Mountains and trees and yes, clouds! San Diego has some overcast days but it sure doesn’t seem like many.

Today’s More About You Monday question is: What’s your view? Tell us what you see when you look out your windows.