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A few nights ago, we went over to our neighbors’ house for dinner. Someone asked me what I’ll miss about Maryland. Without further ado, here’s my top ten list, starting with our neighbors but in no particular order:

  • Azeb and Abiy. Every week, Lauren’s best friend, Maya, would come over to our house after school on Tuesdays and Lauren would go over to Maya’s house after school on Fridays. Thank you, Azeb and Abiy, for trusting us with your daughter. We knew we could completely trust you with our daughter as well. Thank you!


  • The People. OK, not all the people since, in general, we think Marylanders are stressed-out, grumpy and rude. But along the way, we met so many wonderful people who have enriched our lives. Thank you!
  • Our Home. I know that we’re getting a new home in return for our old Maryland one, but I’ve definitely grown an attachment to our house. Leaving it is like leaving so many memories behind. Plus, going through the hassle of finding a buyer for our home through the real estate market is a hassle, and who knows how long it will be until someone decides to purchase. In all fairness, I’ve been looking into House Buyers of America ‘we buy houses maryland‘ program, which will be a fast and efficient way to sell our home. Either way, I’ll miss the memories we’ve made in our beautiful home!
    • Small Group. As written in this post, we met with three other couples almost every single Saturday night for several years. You guys mean the world to us and we seriously doubt that we could have made it through the past four years without you. Eric & Claudia, CF & Indira, Del & Cristina…thank you!

    So Much Fun and Personal Growth

    • Seasons. We won’t miss the humid, hot summers. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer weather as much as the next person, but sometimes, it just became unbearable. In fact, it came to the point where I thought we needed to get our air conditioning system looked at by a professional HVAC company, (find out more here) because it didn’t feel like it was cooling the house down. It was working, but it was that humid that it didn’t feel like it was making a difference. So, in my opinion, this definitely won’t be missed. Nor will we miss the cold winters without enough snow. We won’t miss the allergies that come with Spring or the blustery Fall winds. But there is a two-week period in late April or early May and also a two-week period in late September or early October. For about four weeks a year, the weather in Maryland simply can’t be beat. And because of the other seasons here, we appreciate those four weeks that much more. We will definitely miss you, “those four weeks!”

    Fall Can Be Beautiful in MD

    • Co-Workers. I’m not leaving the company that employs me; I’m simply transferring to the San Diego office. And since we’re fairly seamless as a bi-coastal organization, I often work with people in the San Diego office and, in some cases, work with more people in that office than the one here in MD. Yet there’s something about walking the halls and stopping by offices or having people stop by my office to chat that can’t be replicated over the phone. I’ll miss our coffee runs and, more recently, our mad dashes for frozen yogurt between meetings! I’ll miss the smiles on your faces when things are going well. I’ll miss being there to help bear your burdens — even if only in small ways — when things aren’t going so well. While we will continue working together, I look forward to your visits to San Diego and even look forward to my inevitable visits to Maryland. Thank you for putting up with me!
    • Softball Teams. I’ve played on two different softball teams with many of the same people for the past 5 years. Some of our teams have been really good while others have struggled a bit. But even though I’m pretty competitive, I loved being a part of losing teams almost as much as being a part of winning teams…all because of my teammates. I looked forward to hanging out with you all each Wednesday and Thursday night and was disappointed when games were rained out. You’re awesome! Thank you.

    That Team Won a Championship!

    • My Boss. I’ve had the same boss since 2005 and have worked with her for ten years. While Lynn will continue to be my boss, we will no longer sit in the same corridor, building or state. Lynn, I’ll miss our candid and impromptu discussions about the latest issues, challenges and opportunities. I’ll miss exchanging ideas with you on a white board and our “violent agreements” when we were saying the same thing but just arriving at the same conclusion from opposite angles. Thanks for being such a great boss!
    • Reminders. We brought Lauren home to a little condo in Rockville. We brought Carmen home to a townhouse in Germantown. We brought Hope home to this townhouse in Montgomery Village. Almost everyday, I drive by little reminders of life’s precious moments. When I see these reminders, I can’t help but smile, even for just an instant. I will miss driving on White Ground Road, which reminds me of the times Carmen giggled so loud when sunlight flickered through that tree-covered back road and into her eyes that couldn’t see much of anything. I will miss Black Hills Regional Park, where we “got away” to spend time as a family. I will miss “driving into the river” at Whites Ferry. I will miss the creek behind our house, where Lauren and I would go to practice photography. I will miss Panera, where Lauren and I often went for breakfast on Saturday mornings. So many reminders. So many great memories.
    • Short Commute. Since late 2005, I’ve had about a 15 minute commute to work each day and didn’t have to get on any highways at all. I will definitely miss that!
    Drivin' 55 on County Highway S11...er, El Camino Real. Notice the houses on the other side of that fence?

    I Don't Drive 55 mph to Work in MD

    • Proximity to My Family. I cannot count the times that my Mom, Dad or both of them came down to our house from New York over the past few years. At one point, my Dad kept a bag packed and ready to go if we needed him to come down and help. My brother and his wife live a few short hours north in Philadelphia and we enjoyed going there for weekends or sending Lauren there when we needed a break. To all of our family but, in particular, to my Mom, Dad, Wes and Karen…Lana and I will miss living so close to you and can’t wait for your move to San Diego 😉

    Karen and Wes

    Phew! That was a lot. Now it’s your turn. Stop and take some time today to think about it. If you were to move away from where you live now, what would you miss?