When I was a little girl, A QUIET PLACE was one of my favorite books. I love it still.

One sunny day a child named Grace was looking for A QUIET PLACE.

She looked behind the violet in the hall, but that QUIET PLACE was very small.

She looked in the parlor behind the chair but the clock ticked too loud…and someone was there.

She looked upstairs under the bed but that QUIET PLACE was for rainy days instead.

So she took a sugar bun and a cup of tea and went behind the lilac tree. She sipped the tea and nibbled the bun…

And THE QUIET PLACE was filled with sun!

Suddenly she saw a face. She was not alone in THE QUIET PLACE. It was a boy…and boys will be boys…

THE QUIET PLACE was filled with noise! (I have three younger brothers…I always appreciated this page!)

So she broke the bun and gave him part…

and THE QUIET PLACE was in her heart.

The End.

Have a very Happy Friday and I hope you find your QUIET PLACE.

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