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Several years ago, we were sitting around the NY Grandparents’ living room with Dave’s parents and some of his siblings. Someone asked who we would choose to have dinner with if we could choose anyone in the world. The answers were the typical celebrity crushes: NY Grandma picked Mel Gibson; NY Grandpa chose Michelle Pfeiffer; Sister-in-law Karen picked the Macgyver guy; Brother-in-law Wes went with Elizabeth Hurley; I chose Brad Pitt.

You get the picture.

Having missed most of the conversation, Dave walked in. Wes asked, “Dave, if you could pick any famous person to have dinner with, who would you pick?” Without hesitation Dave answered, “Robin Williams.”

Considering the direction we were all going with this, Robin Williams was a really funny answer.

So, today’s More About You Monday question is: Who would you choose to have dinner with if you could choose anyone in the world?

You can take your spouse or a friend with you. You don’t have to choose the typical celebrity crush. If Bill Gates or Obama would be your ideal dinner date, by all means choose them!

PS. I would no longer choose Brad Pitt.