As Lana mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been working on a much-needed site update. While you’ll notice the design change first, we also thought you might like to know a few other changes we made as well as a few changes we’ll make in the coming days and weeks.

First, we are incredibly thankful that many of you have been an active part of our lives over the past few years. However, we recognize that new people come to the site and don’t know who we are or why we started this site. So we created a few new pages to give the basic gist of our story and tell a little about us and our girls Lauren, Carmen and Hope.  If you are new to the site or just want to learn more about us, feel free to click on the images on the right side of this page.

Second, we added the ability to share posts via Twitter and Facebook. When you click on a post, you’ll notice two buttons on the left side of each page. Feel free to use them or not. 🙂

Third, we cleaned up the sidebar, moving the categories and the archive to the top.

In the next few weeks, we’ll update the welcome page to depict our journey through key stages with Carmen: initial diagnosis, adjusting to life with a child with Tay Sachs, day-to-day life, nearing the end, loss and grief, and moving forward. Our hope is that this will be a useful resource for those who just found out that they have a child with Tay Sachs or for those who know children with similar diseases.

We’ll also tweak things here and there until we get it just right.

Let us know what you think!