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Warning! Tough question looming. Keep reading at your own risk.

This weekend, Lana and I watched the movie, Catfish. It was both entertaining and disturbing…and apparently true. Without giving away too much about the movie, it examines the authenticity of online relationships and how people present themselves to others on the other side of the computer screen.

Lana and I often ask each other, family and friends if we are being real on this site. It’s something we definitely want to do and I can honestly tell you that we try pretty hard to depict reality in the Coddington household. Yet we know that the things we share are but a fraction of our realities.

It’s obvious that we don’t share a lot of things with you. Some of those things just don’t matter…like whether or not I took a shower today (I didn’t*). Many of the things we don’t share actually do matter but we consider private…like how much money we gave away last year. Those things we reserve for sharing with our very close family members and possibly a friend or two.

Yet we do strive to portray our lives authentically online and particularly on this site.

We know many of you in real life. We’ve met Betty Short. We know Tina and friends from Maryland. We obviously know family like NY Grandma and Texas Grandma. We know co-workers. But there are many of you who we don’t know in real life. And that begs the question (even for those of you who we do know in real life).

How would you say that you present yourself online? Do you think that those who know you in real life would say that your online persona is consistent with your offline person? In short, are you real? For those whose online persona is their bread and butter – perhaps they are an Instagram influencer, for example – connecting with others on social media platforms and promoting themselves is absolutely essential. This is why many of them use growth services like this – https://nitreo.com/instazood. This helps them to build their audience and share their content with more people. Regardless of whether or not they are representing themselves faithfully, this is a tried and tested method of growing a following organically with minimal effort.

*Note from Lana: Dave wrote this on Saturday…he did take a shower before work today!!!