Yesterday, Dave and I cleaned out the garage. Dave and I have been on a cleaning, organizing, and donating rampage. Tay Sachs derailed my organizational tendencies and I am just now getting back on track. Anyway, there was a big, white box in the garage that we have been storing for 12 years and carting around through 10 moves. I looked at Dave and asked, “Is it OK if I donate my wedding dress?” Dave said, “Sure.”

Bye, bye wedding dress. You served your purpose well. I hope someone else enjoys wearing you as much as I did! I understand that I some of you would never consider giving away your dress. I know my friend feels that way because she got her dress made by Winnie Couture Beverly Hills, CA so she isn’t going to be giving that away anytime soon! But you might think about doing it if you’ve outgrown or don’t particularly like your dress?

The Top 10 Reasons I Donated My Wedding Dress:

10. I don’t have too many fancy events to attend where a wedding dress would be appropriate attire.

9. I could s-q-u-e-e-z-e myself into it..if I lost 25 lbs. overnight (parasite? lipo suction?).

8. I don’t look good in white. I should have gone with red. Everyone looks good in red.

7. The likelihood that one of my daughters will wear it is very slim. They would have to 1) get married, 2) fit in it, and 3) want to wear it. I 1) got married and 2) fit in my mom’s but I didn’t want to wear hers (no offense mom!).

6. I don’t want to ask Dave to move it for the 11th time.

5. The wedding dress box says “store in a cool, dry area” and it’s been in the hot garage.

4. I’m not very sentimental.

3. Vera Wang herself did not make my dress.

2. My new motto is: if I don’t need it and am not using it, I should give it to someone who does need it and can use it.

And the #1 reason I donated my wedding dress:

My love for Dave is not dependent on whether or not my wedding dress is stored in the garage!

Love you Dave! Happy 12th anniversary!

Our Wedding Day