Yesterday a friend commented that “Life can certainly deal out a bowl of cherry pits.” Yes, indeed. I hate Tay Sachs. I hate what it has done to my child, my marriage and my family.

Some days I can focus on the good parts. Tay Sachs has taught us compassion. It has given us an opportunity to truly serve the “least of these”. We have met amazing, wonderful families also affected by this disease. We have a “story” worth living.

Other days, the hard parts are overwhelming. Carmen is sick. She is dying. Dave and I have drifted far apart. Will our marriage survive? Lauren and Hope will lose their sister. We are exhausted. We can’t remember life before Tay Sachs.

The friend who made the bowl of cherry pits comment also said, “I’m so glad you know Jesus, and I’m praying He will bring just the comfort, peace and solace that you are thirsting for today.”

Thanks sweet friend for the words of encouragement. That is our hope.



Carmen is doing better. She is breathing better and the fevers are gone. Antibiotics really are amazing.

Thank you Jane for the pot roast dinner! It was really, really good!