Recently, Lauren and I had the following conversation:

Lauren: After Carmen dies, I want to take a picture of her to school to show Mrs. A.
Me: Why?
Lauren: When Jenna’s dog died, she brought a picture of her dog to school.
Me: OK.
Lauren: I hope Carmen doesn’t die on a school day.
Me: Why?
Lauren: I want to say goodbye to her.
Me: If Carmen dies while you are at school then we will keep her body here until you get home. She will be in Heaven but you can say goodbye to her body.
Lauren: OK!

Sometimes I cannot believe the conversations I have. Most kids in America experience death when a pet or older grandparent dies. Not their younger sibling.


Please pray for poor Lauren who is not feeling well today. She stayed home from school because she was so very tired this morning. Tonight she said her ear hurts so Dave will most likely need to take her to the doctor tomorrow.