• Carmen is sleeping peacefully right next to me.
  • I am 31 weeks pregnant today! Hooray!
  • Dave busted out a birthday party yesterday. Twister, musical chairs, animal charades, Simon Says, skits with props, first-floor fishing, balloons, and a birthday cake. He made a certain 6 year old very, very happy!
  • The little friends and moms who braved the snow. It WAS slippery out there!
  • Carmen’s night nurse who also braved the snow and slippery roads to work her shift last night.
  • The winter wonderland outside that I can see from the couch.
  • Dave is now partying away with Lauren at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for a friend.
  • Moments that make us laugh. Dave and Lauren were playing outside on the deck in the snow last night. Dave shoveled all the snow into a big pile and they took turns jumping into it. Watch the video below!
  • Lauren who makes us laugh. A couple of nights ago I was putting Lauren to bed. She said, “Mom, I want you to go to college with me.” I asked, “Why?” She said, “To pick someone.” I asked, “To pick someone for what?” She said, “To marry!!!” OK, your daddy and I will be HAPPY to oblige!
  • Another funny Lauren moment: A few nights ago we had a big rain storm. Lauren woke up and crawled in bed between us but then realized there wasn’t enough room so she went to Dave’s side of the bed. Dave got up to look out the window and climbed into Lauren’s bed to avoid being squashed in our bed. Before he could even get the covers up, Lauren jumped in bed with him and said, “I like Daddy!”
  • All of you who are a part of this community and who shared your thoughts on why we should keep this website going!

Here is the video of Dave and Lauren playing in the snow.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, click here to watch it on YouTube.


Big thanks to Ann who brought us a wonderful brisket meal. As a former Texan, I can assure you that your brisket was good! Thank you to Wendy for my very favorite chicken salsa bean soup, sandwiches and baked goodies! Thank you to Rachinee for the Quiznos feast! Thanks to Nicole for the TJ’s gift certificate!!! Thanks to Cristina for the lasagna!