“Dad, I’m hungry,” Lauren told me emphatically Friday evening.

“OK, I’ll make some oatmeal.”

So I’m a dad…and a mom. Sort of. By now, you all know that Lana is 24 weeks pregnant and was put on bed rest last week. With that, I’ve been thrust into the role of Mr Mom. It really isn’t that different from every other day. I just have a few additional things to stuff away inside my brain and manage. No big deal, right? You just need a system to keep track of…

“Excuse me, Dave. Do you want me to give Carmen her Vest treatment down here or upstairs?” Salem, the night nurse, asked me.

“Oh, upstairs would probably be better,” I replied. “I’ll help you carry up the equipment.”

A few minutes later.

“What’s that smell?” Lana asked from her perch on the living room sofa.

“CRAP!!! The oatmeal!” I shouted as I jumped up and raced into the kitchen.


Lesson # 1: When multi-tasking, it’s important to remember that whatever was cooking on the stove is still cooking on the stove. Blackened Chicken is good. Blackened Oatmeal? Not so good.


Thank you LaToya for the delicious dinner tonight! Chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, salad- yummy! (MUCH better than that oatmeal!)