It’s impossible to adequately portray the experience known as Catalyst so I won’t even try. I would, however, like to pass along a few leadership tidbits from various conference speakers. I won’t recap each discussion; that has been done excellently here (look at the “Latest Articles” section”). Instead, I just want to pass on a few 3×5 card-sized bits of usable information. My hope is that they will challenge you and help you move forward as a leader as they continue to do the same for me.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post similar “3×5 card” summaries of the messages that impacted me the most. Here is the first one.

Leadership Lessons from Catalyst 2009: Andy Stanley and “Making a Mark”

  • Most people worry about who’s on their side.
  • The question, however, should not be “who’s on my side” but “who’s side am I on?”
  • God has invited us to play a part in his story
  • Will I submit to play whatever part God has for me?
  • Will I seek to make my own mark or have God make his mark through me?
  • What will you do? Whatever you decide, you must choose who you will serve (ref: Joshua in the Bible).
  • Action Item: Wake up each day and ask myself, “Who’s side am I on?” and remember that God takes full responsibility for a life fully devoted to him.

Next up in the Leadership Lessons from Catalyst 2009 series: Malcolm Gladwell with “The Mistakes Leaders Make”