One of the activities at Sandy Cove this weekend was a wave cutter, an inflatable boat pulled by a speed boat. Lauren decided that she wanted to give it a try. Dave was under strict orders to hold onto Lauren, no matter what! All went well until the wave cutter flipped (an expected part of the ride). When it flipped, both Lauren and Nancy (the little girl in front of Lauren) grabbed onto Dave’s neck and hung on for dear life! Lauren did not like being dumped into the lake! Lauren and Nancy rode in the speed boat back to the dock. Lauren did say that she had fun and thought it was really funny that Uncle Wes had seaweed on his head when he came up out of the water.

The speed boat pulling the wave cutter

Speed boat and wave cutter

Lauren is 4th from the right, in front of Dave. Notice that Dave is holding onto Lauren! Lauren’s cousins are in front of her. Uncle Wes is on the end.

Wave Cutter