No doubt, you have all been there; you’ve all seen this. Maybe it was at the mall. Perhaps it was the grocery store. Wherever it was, you were probably minding your own business when you turned the corner and there he was. Some little kid, somewhere between three and five years old, was sprawled out completely in the middle of the aisle. He was kicking his legs into the air and screaming at the top of his lungs to his mother, something to the effect of, “THIS. ISN’T. FAIR!!!!! Why can’t I have Corn Pops (or some other food/treat/toy/<fill in the blank>?!!!!”

That’s me right now.

No, I haven’t literally dropped to the floor lately and flailed my arms and legs till I could no longer hold them up — although that would be something, wouldn’t it? — but I have been wrestling with my Father in Heaven. Over the past several weeks, I’ve told Him countless times that I don’t think the path He has chosen for us is fair. About a week ago, I even asked Him why He hated me so much (yes, I am ashamed to admit it).

I am grateful to know that the God of this universe is extremely patient. I’m thankful that He allows us to question Him and wrestle with Him. And when all is said and done, He is right there, ready to embrace us, and demonstrate that His way really is better and, quite frankly, all that we truly want anyway.

But in moments like these, when relief is nowhere to be found, I must also confess, “Not my will, Lord, but yours. Do with me what you will. Take from me what you will. Nevertheless, I will still serve you.”


If, by chance, this is your child…thank you!

Kicking and Screaming