Carmen update: Carmen had a very good night. Her night nurse said last night was a good turning point. I am going to take her to the doctor today for a follow-up.

I don’t read a ton of blogs. I have enough trouble keeping up this one! I do read the Caringbridge sites of the other children with Tay Sachs and related diseases, a few friends’ blogs and my favorite,

Danielle is a resident at a Childrens Hospital. She has a heart for special needs kids. If she ever moves to our area, I will be first in line to have her see my kids! Her blog is primarily stories of her experiences as a doctor.

The first blog I read of hers was this one and I was hooked: “When Heaven Doesn’t Hear You”

This one made me cry: “Faith and Grace”

If you prefer funny: “Bathroom Humor” or “On Giving It Right Back”

I hope Danielle keeps writing. She is a fabulous writer and storyteller. I suspect she was born in the decade after me but I won’t hold that against her! 🙂

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