I just wanted to quick update and say that we are home! Carmen still has pneumonia and will have a few more rough days. I convinced the doctor that we can do everything at home and didn’t need to stay in the hospital! Carmen cried a few times from being poked and prodded. She hasn’t cried in months and months. We can take care of her at home far more comfortably.

Carmen is taking both Azithromycin and Ciprofloxacin for the pneumonia. Hopefully her lungs will clear up quickly.

While in the hospital, I asked the doctor to order a Cough Assist machine for Carmen and hopefully we will get one soon. It would be very helpful to get some of the gunk out of Carmen’s lungs and throat and into her mouth so we can suction it out. Thanks to Julie for all of the information!

Speaking of suctioning, we try to suction the thick saliva out of Carmen but that is no small task as she clamps her teeth and refuses to open her mouth! If we do get the suction catheter in her mouth, she bites the tube and won’t let go! We’ve tried going down her nose instead but nothing ever comes out of there. Anyone else have this problem with suctioning?

Dave is sick, blah! He is going to the doctor today. NY Grandpa is here to help and I am SO thankful for him!

Big thanks to MiYoung for the snacks, books and magazines and dinner last night! Did that chocolate bread have rum in it? Very yummy! Thanks to Karen for Moby Dick’s chicken in the hospital and for taking Lauren yesterday. And to Monica the Magnificent- we are so grateful to have you in our lives. Thank you for watching Lauren for 12 hours on Wednesday!

Thank you for all your prayers! Please keep praying as Carmen isn’t back to normal quite yet. Dave could certainly use some prayers too. He looks like a truck ran over him!

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