By now, you all know that Lana and I are contemplating several paths. What you don’t know is specifically what paths…so laying them out bluntly, here they are:

  • We would really like more children.
  • I would really like to work in full-time ministry.

Now, I can probably guess what most of you are thinking right now. That’s it? That’s what you are going on and on about? What’s the big deal? And to a certain degree, those of you who are thinking that are exactly right. When you boil it down to those two simple statements, what we are pondering is not that big of a deal.

But as they say, the devil is in the details and the details of each path are somewhat complicated. It’s not so much the what that is a big deal. It’s more the when, the where and the how that are elevating the anxiety levels around our house these days.

As Lana indicated in her post a few days ago, we had a really good discussion on our drive back from NY this past weekend. But the truth of the matter is that we’ve been praying about and discussing these things for quite awhile now. However, each time they’ve come up in the past, we’ve never felt like the timing was right. And after having what seems like the same conversation over and over and over again, we began wondering, are we paralyzed?

Something changed on our trip back from NY. We actually made decisions. We decided that we would no longer be paralyzed. We would move forward. And we would hope and trust that God would steer us where He wants us as we moved forward to pursue our dreams.

Specifically, we decided that Lana would begin the “pursuit” of another child first-thing Monday morning (yes, adopting another child and possibly having another biological child sometime next year). We also decided that I would complete and submit my application to the specific ministry opportunity that I started months ago (The particular challenge is that this opportunity is not here in MD. In fact, it is on the other side of the country.).

Right after we made these decisions, we laughed, agreeing that God would have to work out so many details for either of these dreams to come true, much less both of them. And, at least for the moment, that was very comforting to us. But then…

I had a conversation with my boss on Monday and also made a phone call to someone connected to the specific ministry I am interested in. Both conversations went extremely well…seemingly too well. In a matter of moments, things were moving. And moving fast! At least on one front…

Lana also made a phone call on Monday and is waiting a return phone call from the adoption agency we used for our home study with Carmen.

I recognize that we are still not sharing all of the details with you at this time. Yet, hopefully, you are getting a better sense of what is going on, where our hearts are and what we are wrestling with at the moment.

What we ask more than anything is that you lift up this entire situation before our Heavenly Father. We desperately want to do what He wants of us and what is best for our entire family! We want to do what He wants and we want to to it according to His perfect timing! For us, that might be the most difficult part. Lana’s tendency is to stand still when sometimes she needs to take a step forward. On the other end of the spectrum, I have a tendency to run ahead when sometimes it would be better if I had no legs or feet!

In addition to your prayers, we also value and request your input. We know that God has crossed our paths and formed this community for a reason, for many reasons really. We are so incredibly grateful for you! If have thoughts or considerations, please let us know.