Two years ago today, Dave, Carmen and I waited in the lobby of the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City for the paperwork to bring Carmen home. We sat with a roomful of other American families adopting Guatemalan children. We all admired the beautiful children and shared our stories.

We sat next to a family adopting a 3 year old boy. We asked why they decided to adopt and they told us how they lost a son in a car accident. They said adopting their son was a dream come true. They didn’t know any Spanish and the little boy didn’t know any English but he chatted away with them. He was being a little rough and the dad kept saying, “Easy, easy!” The little boy finally said, “EASY, EASY!!!!” I wish I had gotten that family’s contact information.

Another family was adopting two teenage boys. I’ll never forget the HUGE smiles on those boys’ faces.

A man was there with his tiny two year old daughter. I heard him tell the Embassy worker that his wife stayed home with their three other Guatemalan children.

That was a day of new beginnings. Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear everyone’s stories now?

Carmen and me, back in the hotel after Embassy Day

Lana and Carmen