Over the past several years, I’ve dabbled with video and have often thought it would be fun to learn more about it and start making some videos myself. So, for the past few months, I’ve been working pretty hard to save up money for a new computer (Our computer is about six years old. It’s fine for everyday tasks like emailing and paying bills but doesn’t quite have the horse power for video-editing, etc.).

I did my research and had my eye on a new computer and software. The day came when I had enough money. I waited about a week to let everything sink in and see if God was going to change my heart/direction (Although He often does that to me — and I am grateful for it — deep down, I was really hoping that He wouldn’t do it this time. I really wanted a new computer! In any event, He either didn’t say anything to turn me around or I wasn’t listening.).

I ordered the computer. Last Friday, it arrived. After a lengthy discussion with Lana about where it was going to go, I set it up in the kitchen/dining room (we like having our computer in the main living area even though it’s not the most attractive decor).

Thursday morning, Lana called me at work:
Lana: Did you do something to the computer?
Me: Which one?
Lana: The old one.
Me: No. Why?
Lana: It won’t turn on.
(After a series of questions/answers/instructions)
Me: I’ll have to look at it when I get home from work.

That night I looked it over and talked about it with my brother, who knows far more about computers than I do. It looks like it’s shot.

I am now left wondering…was this either God’s perfect timing or was it His way of saying, “You don’t need two computers”?