Carmen update: Carmen’s pediatrician called with the lab work results today and everything looks good. No kidney problems. We are not sure why she was retaining fluids. She is less swollen now so that is good. Tomorrow she is starting a new antibiotic to hopefully get rid of the C-diff.

We are all feeling much better today. Lauren went to school and to a tea party (thank you Unjoo and Tatiana for taking her!).

Carmen got an early Christmas present. A SuperSac by LoveSac. We wanted somewhere for her to rest that would be comfortable. LoveSac had an almost 50% off sale on their SuperSacs on Black Friday. Don’t worry, I didn’t stand in line at 4am to get it! I ordered it online with free shipping!

The SuperSac is way too big for our living room. It looks ridiculous. But, Carmen is very comfortable and that is what matters!

LoveSacs are bean bags filled with shredded memory foam. The SuperSac is 6 ft. in diameter. We all love sitting in the SuperSac!

Here is a picture of Carmen in the insanely big bean bag!

Carmen in LoveSac

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