I would like to:

1) Take professional looking pictures. The kind that make you go “WOW!”

2) Speak fluent Spanish.

I absolutely love beautiful pictures. They make me happy. Especially razor-sharp pictures that pop off the page. I am finding that actually taking a picture like this is impossible when you don’t know what you are doing with your camera! So, I’ve been reading up on photography, practicing, and making my “wish list” of lenses! I have a loooonnnngggg way to go!

Before Carmen’s diagnosis, I felt very strongly that Carmen needed to know Spanish. We live in a very diverse area with a large Hispanic population. I didn’t want Carmen to grow up here and not speak Spanish so my thought was that we all needed to learn Spanish! (Dave speaks some Spanish but he would like to be fluent.) Lauren took a Spanish class and loved it. After Carmen’s diagnosis, learning Spanish dropped off my radar. But, I have hopes that someday we will learn the language and that someday we will go back to Guatemala.

I have no plans to actually start learning Spanish at this point but it is a skill I would love to have! If you are able to learn how to write an essay in spanish, you can do so much with this skill that it is absolutely worth learning.

What skill(s) would you like to have???

Dave took this picture yesterday and I think it is really, really good! These are roses from my birthday.