Update on Carmen: We are taking Carmen to have her PEG feeding tube replaced on Thursday. Please pray that she is in no pain. The current tube is growing mold in it. Well, maybe it’s mold or maybe it’s C-diff. Carmen is still battling C-diff. She is 5 days into her 10 day course of Vancomycin (the second course of Vancomycin) and no results yet. Please pray that C-diff GOES AWAY!!!!

Free for anyone who can use them: We have a brand new, never worn pair of Answer 2 shoes designed to be worn with orthotics and AFOs. They are size toddler 6W (wide).

We tried ankle braces for Carmen but finally decided that daily stretches work better for her. We never could get a good fit for the braces and driving 45 minutes to the orthopedist over and over just wasn’t working for us. The shoes are meant to be worn over the braces.

I would love for someone to actually use them! They are really cute! If anyone would like them, please contact me at lana@beautifulcanvas.org.

Description of shoe: This shoe has symmetrical straight last, added depth (8mm or 5/16″) deeper than conventional straight last shoes. It has better accommodation for orthotics, AFO and internal modifications. There’s long medial counter to provide support and stability. This shoe comes with 3 removable inserts for flexible fitting. It has extra length straps.

Here’s a picture: