Despite all the ugly in the world, sometimes people do something beautiful. This one is for Wes who no longer supplies me with celebrity gossip!

Every penny of Heath Ledger’s estimated $20 million will go to his little girl Matilda Rose, Ledger’s father says.

In his will, which has been probated behind closed doors at the Supreme Court in Perth, Ledger left everything to his parents and three sisters. Many observers expected his former partner Michelle Williams to lodge a claim on the will, which was signed by the actor on April 12, 2003, two years before Matilda was born.

The will left half of the estate to Ledger’s sisters, Kate and Olivia Ledger and Ashleigh Bell.

The remainder was to go to his parents, Kim Ledger and Sally Bell, after debts had been paid.

But Ledger’s father, Kim, says there will be no challenge and the family has given everything to Matilda.

“There is no claim,” Ledger said. “Our family has gifted everything to Matilda.'”

Excerpt from PerthNow

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