Quick update on Carmen: she woke up with mild fever and is coughing some. She continues to have diarrhea and reduced urine output. We noticed that in the past few weeks Carmen has packed on the pounds. She has always been chubby but I weighed her today and she is up to 33.2 lbs. We are most definitely going to reduce her calories! Maybe these things all go together. The diarrhea, reduced pee, and weight gain. Any ideas what might be going on???

Carmen’s Hospice nurse came by today and, all in all, it appears that Carmen is doing fairly well. Perhaps she will live a good while longer.

I was looking through our pictures and found a picture of Carmen eating her very favorite food, squash. Carmen LOVED squash. I sure wish she could eat squash now.

I need a distraction today so tell me about the single BEST meal you ever ate! I’ll go first. When Dave and I were in England for Dave’s work project, I had a terrible time with the food. I was pregnant and just about everything made me nauseous. Even the water. I could not tolerate mineral water or sparkling water so I would always ask room service or the restaurant staff for tap water. They must have thought I was a weird American! Well, one weekend we drove to Edinburgh, Scotland with a couple of Dave’s coworkers. After walking around doing tourist stuff all day, we stopped at an Italian restaurant. First we had antipasto (marinated vegetables) and I literally almost cried it was so good. And then I had spaghetti and sauce (separated because I could not handle them together!). I think I ooohhhed and aaahhhed over every bite!

Speaking of good food, thank you to Hibst for the amazing buffet of food you brought over yesterday! Salmon, blackened chicken, chicken curry, roasted vegetables, phyllo stuffed with spinach, etc. You are amazing!!!

So, here’s the picture of Carmen so excited about squash! Now, tell me about your best meal ever!

Carmen eating squash, May 2007