Carmen is not doing too well today. Her breathing is labored and she is very congested. Last night she had several episodes where her heart rate was erratic. No fever so that is good. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Last weekend, Dave and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We decided to go to our very favorite place, New York City. Our good friends, Eric and Claudia, stayed at our house and took care of Carmen. Lauren was in upstate NY with her grandparents.

We have been to NYC many times and even spent a summer in Manhattan for Dave’s work. This time, our goal was to have a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We walked around Central Park, went to Nike Town and walked up and down 5th Avenue. We went to Times Square at night. We walked around Greenwich Village and got Dave’s favorite pizza and a pizza to go. We truly had a wonderful time. Being on this trip with the love of my life and celebrating our 10 year anniversary is something that will stay with me forever. We love New York and the experiences that it provides us with. We enjoy it that much that on some occasions, we have spoken about maybe moving here permanently. During any spare time that we have taking care of Carmen, we have looked at some apartments for rent to see if we find anything that we liked. It comes as no shock that we did, but I don’t think this is something that we’ll do just yet. It’s not the right time. We’ll definitely be back here soon though, as we want to make even more memories in this wonderful city. I’m hoping that it will be before our 20th anniversary.

So, a huge thanks to my in-laws and to Claudia and Eric for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! It was no easy task for Claudia and Eric to come in and deal with all of Carmen’s machines and medications and daily medical issues. But, we knew they would be incredibly capable and they were!

Since I can now post stuff without Dave’s help, I am sneaking in a picture of Dave’s favorite pizza place from our NYC trip! Hope he approves! Happy Anniversary Dave! You promised life would always be interesting with you and you have certainly kept that promise! Love you lots!

Famous Ray’s sign in Greenwich Village.