We had quite an adventure today. After church we walked to our neighborhood’s annual picnic. It was a beautiful sunny day and I slathered all of us with sunscreen. We had just arrived and gotten our hotdogs when huge icy raindrops started pouring down. There was no where to run so Dave stuck Lauren under a table. He took off his shirt and draped it over Carmen’s stroller. We stood there, literally getting soaked for 5 minutes or so. Our hotdogs blew away in the wind! The rain finally stopped and the sun came out. Lauren had fun jumping in the bouncy house and getting a face-painting (a purple heart with sparkles). Carmen fell asleep. All that rain must have worn Carmen out!

Speaking of Carmen, she is doing well. She continues to have daily seizures but they aren’t too bad. Her breathing is labored but no worse than her “normal.” She is on continuous oxygen and I hope this makes breathing less work for her. She does have a stubborn case of thrush that Nystatin and probiotics are not getting rid of. Maybe we can get something stronger. I suspect the frequent nebulizer treatments (every 4 hours, around the clock) are not helping.

I’ll share something funny from Lauren. I took Lauren to Rita’s for frozen custard and Italian ice. We needed to hurry home because a friend was watching Carmen and had to leave for an appointment. We got chocolate custard with sprinkles for Lauren and cherry Italian ice for me and got back in the minivan. I realized we had a few minutes so I told Lauren we could eat in the van. Lauren said, “Well, we need to go home because I might be expecting a phone call.” I asked, “Who are you expecting a phone call from?!!” Lauren answered, “I don’t know. But, I might be expecting a call.” Wow, four years old and expecting phone calls!

Tuesday Dave and I have a funeral home appointment. We decided to make as many decisions as possible while Carmen is doing fairly well. I’ll feel better knowing we are as prepared practically as possible.

Last week Lauren and Carmen got a fun package in the mail. Dee, mom to 4 kids including a daughter from Guatemala, sent the girls plastic totes decorated with their names. Lauren’s is pink with fairies and Carmen’s is orange with flowers. Lauren’s was filled with fun crafts and a wedding-day Barbie. Lauren LOVES her Barbie! Dee sent money for us to buy something for Carmen. I know just what Carmen needs for the summer- a swimsuit! I’ll try to find an orange suit as orange is my very favorite color for Carmen! Thank you Dee! You are truly an angel who makes our days brighter!

To my friend Christina in the Land Down Under, I thought of you today when I had pink lemonade! I surely miss the days of popping over to your house and talking about whatever and drinking pink lemonade.

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