We had a packed-full weekend! Saturday Dave and I got flu shots. I’ve never had the flu and never gotten a flu shot but we thought it best to do what we can to keep Carmen healthy this winter. Lauren watched intently while Dave got his shot and exclaimed, “I knew you could do it Daddy!” Lauren and Carmen get their flu shots tomorrow.

Also on Saturday, Dave picked up a Land’s End winter jacket and snow bibs for Carmen. I found a super deal on Craigslist, $15 for a great condition berry color set. We won’t have Carmen out in the snow often but it’s important to have a warm set for cold, windy, wet winter days!

Today Lauren, Carmen and I went to the Disney Store to look for a costume for Lauren. Our church, Church of the Redeemer has a harvest festival every October 31st. Lauren wants to be a princess, of course! The Disney Store is clearing out their costumes and we got the last pink Sleeping Beauty dress off the mannequin! Lauren tried the dress on and couldn’t stop smiling! Carmen will wear an orange shirt with a red candy appliqué and “Sweetie” written underneath. She has matching orange, pink and red striped pants.

All last week Carmen had a hard time eating. Well, this weekend she ate fabulously! She ate every bite of her meals and finished her bottles! Maybe having Daddy home makes all the difference!